Dance Birthday Party

Without dance what’s the “pointe”? That’s exactly how my seven-year-old thinks!  She is obsessed and passionate about everything dance.  It was no surprise that she wanted a dance themed celebration for her birthday this year.  For this theme, I wanted to create something unique, not a typical ballerina party of tutus and ballet slippers.  My daughter loves and practices a variety of dancing styles: ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, ballroom, and acrobatics so it was important to her that we included them all.  We incorporated all the styles by using different silhouette poses.  It was a sweet and simple at home celebration, but as usual we always have fun themed treats (or at least color coordinated ones), cake, and lots of props.  I created the prints using the vibrant colors of hot pink, teal, and purple with some hints of soft pink and gold.  I loved the color contrast with the white background.  More so, I loved the smile of my happy little superstar when she saw it all put together.

Printables, Styling and Design: Styling the Moment
Photography: Monica Margolles

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